Sunday, January 8, 2012

What was it like for your freshmen year in basketball?

I going to high school and I'm going to sign up for the freshmen basketball team.

I been playing basketball since I was a little kid and I'm 6 foot right now.

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to play center since last year on my team.

I want to know is it harder in freshmen year and much more competitive and more fun?|||way harder than elementery ball that was sooo easy

and high school is like prep for college ball|||What up Hypedd...

My freshman yr of high sckool was okay. The guys that were on my team were bigger than me and way taller and i was a pg it was hard getting pass there defense. It took me around my 4th month 2 get use 2 playing with these guys...GOOD LUCK

-BIG BANGZ|||My Freshman year was great. There is a guy in my class that is absolutely a phenomenal athlete. He will definitely go on to play college basketball. But up till Freshman year I always had to play in his shadow. When Freshman year rolled around he was immediately moved up to varsity. So Freshman year I finally got to show what I could do and was one of the top players on the team. Freshman year also helped me a lot b/c my Freshman coach is probably the best coach I have ever had and he really helped me become a better player.

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