Saturday, January 14, 2012

How long do i need to practice basketball shots to get good?

I have just gotten a new basketball goal and i am wanting to know how long i need to practice my shots to get good so far it has been about two hours should i practice more?How long do i need to practice basketball shots to get good?
Practice everyday at least 30 minutes to an hour. Michael Jordan did it everyday. Good luck!
every day for an hour plus workout and diteHow long do i need to practice basketball shots to get good?
well... go outside and practice and how about u tell me how long it took
however you practice make sure you have good form with proper spin, arc, and follow thru you should have someone there to help you perfect your form and then just keep practicing until you feel confident, its all about confidence!How long do i need to practice basketball shots to get good?
i think it is also good to work out your arms if you are going to be a good shooter, I realized when I stopped working out my arms my arm strength got less effective and I wasnt able to shoot threes as i did before. So I recommend you work out your arms by using dumbells, and machines, and etc.
6 months. or it can take a month of true practicing. u need to practice with friends, and also alone.
1,000 shots a day at least 5 days a week for a solid year or two if you want to get anywhere with your shot.
Yes, practice as much as you can. Start by shooting 20 shots close to the hoop, and then move back a little and shoot 20 more and keep doing that. Shoot 100 free throws a day. Trust me I did and it helps.
i know some of the pros practice sometimes 100 shots from each area on the court. You probably have to practice more than you think! Good luck
well..... it really matters but u should practice for 4 hours and u will get better and better!!
I have a question, are you good at playing basketball?
A lot depends on what your goal is.

Do you want to be better so you can do well in gym class?

Or do you want to play college basketball and maybe in the NBA?

If the answer is the second choice (NBA) do not worry about how much time it takes; those guys got there by playing for hours and hours without realizing how long they had practiced. You have to love the game so much you do not notice time passing to get that good.

To answer the question, practice as long as it is still fun.
an hour or two and end with like 100 free throws or better yet dont take 100 free throws...make 100 free throws.

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