Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to get more motivated about basketball and get rid of butterflies before games?

I'm on my school basketball team and our coach just makes practice and games miserable. When we are at practice he only says something negative, like somehow we didn't do something right, he never compliments or supports us when we do something right. i love basketball and it's my favorite sport and i used to be passionate about it, but now i'm just kinda like what ever. How do i get back into basketball? My other problem is before games and in the beginning of the game i get really bad butterflies, how should i handle this?How to get more motivated about basketball and get rid of butterflies before games?
dont think about

just go out there and ball

you will do better and fell better

and getted pumped up

never think negative

it always helps me and when i dont i play worse


Listen to some pump up music and just don't worry about it just play the gameHow to get more motivated about basketball and get rid of butterflies before games?
i used to get butterflies and it would be such a bad adrenaline rush that my stomach would hurt but my coach told me to get your adrenaline out by moving around and stretching and running in place. you know just warming up. try and stay active and not just sitting around ya know?
Well as an athlete, you've got to block out the negatives and make yourself better. Remember what your coach says, then do it right. To get rid of the butterflies, listen to your Ipod before the game. It will get you pumped up. Then when your on the court, don't think about what the people in the stands are seeing. You're out there to win and that's all. Who cares what others think? You're out there to get yours and yours onlyHow to get more motivated about basketball and get rid of butterflies before games?
I get nervous before a game, all the time, and I've been playing for 7 years. I get butterflies in my stomach because I am worried I'll screw up. lol. But I never do. They always go away right when the ball is tipped.

I just warm up, shoot around, run around the gym once or twice, stretch, tell myself we're going to beat the crap out of the team. Just be optimistic. They'll go away the second the ball is in play.

Good luck!
Definitely get good earphones, like the Skullcandy earbuds that have high sound quality with good bass, and if you have an iPod, go to settings%26gt;EQ%26gt;bass booster. then play some exciting music, like rap or techno. Close your eyes while listening to it.
Listen to music
Butterflies are means your ALIVE!

In regards to your coach, i have been a coach, and it is not the job of the coach to stroke your ego to make you feel good, ( the great coaches inspire tho) however they are there to help minimize the negatives in practice so they dont become bad habits in the game. " you play how u practice..practice makes perfect.

In your career you will come across good and bad coaches and because of their appraoch to the game or their personality they might drain you. but just remember the initial reason why you started loving the game..and remember anything worth having is worth working for..and championships aren't jus given away to anyone who wants one..they're earned
well honestly i like the teaching methiod where the coaches arte mean it has alwayse made me work somuch harder to impres them then i think to not have the butterflyes just have more confidence in yourself and your team:D hope i helped

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