Saturday, January 14, 2012

Why is spitting different in baseball and basketball?

Baseball fans have excuses for why baseball players spit all the time, but basketball players don't spit and they are exercising much more during a game. Spitting in baseball must not be something that has to be done - do you agree?Why is spitting different in baseball and basketball?
Well, spitting in basketball can quite literally be fatal. That much is obvious.
baseball is played on a dirt/grass field. basketball is played in a gym. its just gross inside when it just sits there all nasty. plus basketball players could slip on someones spit and thats also nasty.Why is spitting different in baseball and basketball?
They're indoors in basketball. You don't spit indoors, especially when the indoor area is one that gets dangerous when wet.
Cant spit on a hardwood floor, that is obvious but you can spit on the grass and that is the only reason as people spit playing street ball.


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davidWhy is spitting different in baseball and basketball?
1. The playing surface. Hardwood won't absorb spit

2. Baseball players eat sunflower seeds. There's a reason they are called 'spits'.

3. Some baseball players use chew. Disgusting stuff, but it is used. And nobody using chew is about to swallow their spit.

With the playing surface, you'll notice that football and hockey players also spit. Less than baseball because no seeds/chew - but they'll still spit on the grass or ice.
1- baseball is generally played outdoors, and always on a field that will somewhat absorb the mess

2- baseball players chew tobacco, sunflower seeds, gum, etc.

3- finally, the most overlooked reason, basketball is an intense cardio workout. if the players were constantly spitting as baseball players do, it could lead to dehydration.

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