Saturday, January 14, 2012

How do you improve your stamina for basketball?

I'd say I'm fit, because I play bball everyday (by myself), but today i played a short 3 on 3 game, and all the sudden my lungs started to hurt, and i felt tired. how can i improved my stamina for basketball?How do you improve your stamina for basketball?
First thing first. Cool air can cause the lungs to hurt if they are called on to work hard suddenly. Also, slight congestion that may go unnoticed without exercise can cause the lungs to burn. Have a physical examination before you begin ANY new exercise routine.

Now, to build stamina in basketball you need to look at how the game is played. It consists of stints of sprinting to jogging or stopping then back to sprinting again. Without going to far into exercise physiology there are basically different types of systems in the body that create energy. Long distance energy for the muscles is not being created by the same energy system for sprinting short distances. You need to train the systems pertinent to your sport as well as your cardiovascular endurance. There is a training exercise called fartlek training. Essentially it mimics the running in basketball. You may sprint a hundred yards, then jog fifty, walk fifty, then sprint a hundred. There are an infinite number of ways to do this but they will all consist of sprinting then slowing down then sprinting again. You can research fartlek training on the internet for a more detailed explanation of how to perform it.

Also, jumping will build your stamina in basketball. Simply put, jump. Over and over again jump short distances off the ground and rebound back in the air over and over again. This will also improve your explosive capabilities and help you get off the floor quicker when you elevate.

One more thing, start jogging. Jog until your tired then walk until your heartrate returns to normal. Don't push yourself too exhaustion as studies show that pushing too exhaustion does not give enough gains to be worth the effort and risk of injury.

Good luck with basketball.
just get out each day and pace urself but jusat take a nice little jog somewhere and each day build up more and more with out getting tired

GOOD LUCKHow do you improve your stamina for basketball?
lots of sprints run until you think you can't run anymore and do like 5 more minutes
Start by walking as far as possible and as long as possible. Everyday try to walk farther and for a longer period of time. If you get bored with walking try jump rope, that's how the boxers imporve their stamina.How do you improve your stamina for basketball?
Keep playin 3v3's and itll get better
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