Saturday, January 14, 2012

How much running do you do at basketball tryouts?

So I'm trying out for my high school basketball team in a week and I was wondering how much running do you think we would do. About how many suicides/laps?

Thanks for your answer!How much running do you do at basketball tryouts?
Well my tryout during my freshman where just playing 5v5, during my senior year all i saw where, working on fundamental, 10 laps around the court, and lest than 5 suicide. Not as much as your are going to run once you make the team. I don't about the other school but we run everyday during the before season start (as conditioning) or running drills. Running a mile under 6:25, running 8-10 miles without stopping ( I could jog but If I finish in top 10 last, I get to jog/run the last 2 miles). %26lt;- through my 4 years varsity. frostsoph and jv don't even run that much so if you make it in any of those level, you be able to handle the running.
Well for tryouts I wouldnt think you would do to much running. For my basketball tryouts, we didn't run AS much. But, every Tuesday and Thursday we had Open Gym's and we had to do conditioning, That's tough. He made us run and run and run. But the whole purpose of Open Gym is to get you in shape, and my coach said that he wouldnt make us run as much in tryouts.How much running do you do at basketball tryouts?
You will probably do a solid 10 laps depends on if you have a track and if you coach wants you to run suicides or something else, but be ready to run alot!
I would expect a 5-10 minute jog, then about 10-15 susicides before tryouts for that day are over. Some teams run a mile but due to cooler conditions outside that is unlikely!How much running do you do at basketball tryouts?
Think about playing and how much you need to run. Practice and tryouts are getting you ready for that. So you will be running A lot and of course drills

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