Saturday, January 14, 2012

How do I become a high school basketball pro in 3 weeks?

Im a sophomore in high school and I want to try out for the Basketball JV teams in three weeks.. I learned how to play like a month ago, I can practice all day and I have the commitment.. But how will I , and what will I have to learn to appear or be the level of someone who's been playing for years.How do I become a high school basketball pro in 3 weeks?
though i think its highly improbable that you could possibly make a varsity team when you're clearly a novice, there are two things that you can focus on that might give you a chance.

one is defense. have another guy play with you, with you practicing defense. learn the difference between good defense and fouling, which very few know. and since not a lot of players focus on defense, this will give you a one up on them.

the other is shooting. again, another lost art in basketball. forget about proper form. shoot 100 free throws and 100 3 point shots every single day, and i guarantee in 3 weeks you will be extremely accurate in shooting the ball.
Its all about determination with anything you want to do in life.How do I become a high school basketball pro in 3 weeks?
simple ... practice practice practice .... get guys together and play some games ... get guys better then you and play some more games .. oh and did i forget practice
there's no shortcut to be good on basketball, just practice and try out next year, you'll be ready by then.... play allot of pickup basketballHow do I become a high school basketball pro in 3 weeks?
if you want to do that you have to work on defense, dribbling, and shooting


you know the ladder on the ground and you have to put your feet through each hole without tovhing a rung, as fast as you can, works for speed. also you should practice 'sitting on a wall' which is squatting in defensive position while leaning against the wall, works for devensive stance. And also smarts are needed so when playing just dont use your body, use your head, push the player towards the sideline without making contact, perform defensive sceens, always stay between your player and the basket... no matter where on court you are

shooting- talk to the representitive coach in your area, and ask them if the could watch you shoot and give you some tips, but main shooting points- elbow in, remember to SPIN the ball BACKWARDS, and look at your follow through, instead of a swan, see if you can straighten your hand to it is flat ontop, and hold it there for about 2 secs after you shoot

dribbling- only one thing to help you with dribbling, PRACTICE!! get used to the ball, take it everywhere with you, sometime put on a blindfold and walk around dribbling it

if the team sucks then yes but if it's a good team practice this year tryout next year
First, you have to go online and search for these pills that make you better, they seem fake, but they really helped me. then you have to just practice layups and three pointers for like three days straight. Then on the day of tryouts get up super early and go for a five mile run and drink this smoothie that you can find on the site with the pills. Good luck!

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