Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to get more playing time in basketball?

I ask earlier last week how to make a varsity basketball team at my school, and well i made the team, and now i'm 3rd string PG. How do I get more Playing time?How to get more playing time in basketball?
break the others knees, or just play better in practice.
practice practice practice!!!! You need to show the coaches that you are able to get playing time during need to practice more than the players who start....How to get more playing time in basketball?
earn it. show ur coach that u can be just as good. dont be a ball ho g though, but when u do get the ball show him what u can do w/ it either shooting wise or make good desicions on who to give it to. for one i am a starting player but fo r my reasons bcs i am a better passer then anyone on my team
Go hard in practice, and show the coach poise, good ballhandling, and leadership, along with good decision making. You'll get time, just work hard...How to get more playing time in basketball?
work harder at practice, show the coach that you're better than those other point guards and he will be willing to get you more playing time
if u dont have talent it dosen't matter how hard u practise. u can only improve on dribbling.
i too am a third string point guard on my freshman team. and the only way you can get playing time is if you work as hard as you can in practice. don't work hard to impress your coach. but work hard against your teammates. when you are doing suicides, don't just do it, do it to beat everyone else. and don't try to do just as your coaches want. also, even if you don't get the playing time, you work hard to get your teammates better. then you will be a part of a winning team.
Keep a positive attitude, do well in practice, learn to play well with others and get them involved. Set aside some free time to practice by yourself and work on improving your game.
well, i'll tell you what I did. I went into practice everyday telling myself that I was the best and that NOBODY could stop me. Keep working hard in practice and want the ball. Treat the ball like it is a big diamond or something. Also, you could just go up to your coach and ask them what you could be working on at home to make you a better player. This would show them that you were truly dedicated if you listened to them and they could see improvement. Hope it all works out for ya!

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