Thursday, January 19, 2012

What is the Most important skill in basketball?

What is ONE physical or mental attribute that is a necessity in Basketball? One skill that will help you or your team succeed. Please explain why also?What is the Most important skill in basketball?
Teamwork without teamwork your team in basketball will fail and you will Always lose because even if you are michael jordan and you don't pass to anybody or nobody passes to you you will lose.
There are several important skills needed in basketball. First of all you just need to love to play and have fun and enjoy the game. Second, I would say to have a good physical game you need to have a good mental game. For example, there are a lot of players with poor sportsmanship that will play dirty and try to get to you. This is where a lot of people make mistakes, you need to just play harder and better, if you let them get you mad then they win mentally and in turn you end up playing like crap cause your mad. If you just play your best and do good then they get mad because what they are doing is not affecting you so they play like crap. Basketball is a very aggressive sport. So aggressiveness, determination, a intensity are a big thing. Being coachable, positive attitude, and having heart is very important. If you have these things then everything else will fall into place!What is the Most important skill in basketball?
Team Work!

Because even the best player in the world can not beat a whole team by them selfs. Letz use the Cavs for example they have one of the best players ever put still needs a good team to win championships.

So get to know your players and then you well have the best skill in B.B.
Shooting. This is the second most basic skill.What is the Most important skill in basketball?
the "skill" to play
One contribute is that you need to be able to run
you have to be focused
teamwork, u dont want a ball hogger on your team

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