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What do you think makes a great basketball player?

I want to know what you think makes a great basketball player list all you reasons and stuff.What do you think makes a great basketball player?
Somebody who wants to play defense as much as offense. Doesn't even have to be the best player as long as they play hard all the time.
i think the amount of of unwed children you create based strictly on your basketball prowess is a very substantial clue.What do you think makes a great basketball player?
being a leader, not just being great on one but both sides of the ball. not being an -hole, being a good role model
I will just give you one name; Bill Russell.What do you think makes a great basketball player?
What is a great NBA player?

He plays offense, defense, makes the nice dishes to his open team-mate, improves the locker room with his charisma.Takes the big shot to win the game without hesitation, or dishes it to that open guy for an easy look.

Needless to say, a great is involved in each game on every aspect wheather hes on the floor, or injured... always contributing to his team.

You dont see the full package very often anymore,

the new nba player motto is, '*uck you, pay me.'

but if i had to say the one player that was closest to being the 'full package' today, i would have to say Kevin Garnette.....
well, the ability to to play well on both sides of the floor (offense and defense) is a major consideration. being a good role model off and on the court. but the most important part is the ability to elevate teammates.
He has to want the Ball ( great players never shy away from the pressure or the spot lite )

He also must be willing to pass Jordan, Bird, Magic all took most of the big shots....but they knew when to pas it up also.

Has to work hard on defense also. Taking Charges,Checking, Rotating, Hustle, Hands in the face, steals and Boards.

Penetrating.....Getting to that free throw line and getting the other team in foul trouble.

Working with others to improve there game.
I think, first, having a good all around game is very important. It's nice if you can shoot and score until the sun goes down, but if you can't play defense, you're worthless, and vice versa.

I also think behaving yourself off the court is very important. Look at Kobe - he's great on the court, but a pain in the butt off the court. That's tainted his reputation in the court of public opinion and a big reason why many people, including myself, do not include him in their personal list of great players.
You have to have a mix of Steve Nash, Kobe, D-Wade, LeBron, and Shaq.

You need Steve Nash creative passing and his amazing sense of direction. As a team leader, he's got a very friendly demeanor, but he still says what he thinks. If you play sloppily, he'll tell you in a nice way.

I know I'll attract a lot of controversy with this, here it goes. Kobe's killer instinct is crucial too. Any good athlete has to be aggressive. I heard on ESPN that most players don't really mind when they lose, but Kobe will be depressed all day. Kobe has the single-minded focus and intensity that all player needs. But sometimes he overdoes it.

D-Wade is just a nice guy, plain and simple. He loves his team and is so devoted to it. He could have stopped playing and gone off to Disneyland after his shoulder injury. But he came back anyways to give his team 100%, even though they wouldn't have won. He also does a great job putting up with Shaq's silly games.

LeBron has maturity; I can't put it in simpler words. Listen to his interviews. He doesn't bash anyone, speaks really articulately. What he says is always so full of meaning. I love his comments on his commercial, "The LeBrons." All young players can learn from his calm, composed demeanor.

Shaq is necessary to lighten up the mood on the team. He always makes people laugh in an environment that becomes a struggle for survival at times. He was also once the most dominant center in the league. He isn't anymore, but he will always have that good name and childlike charisma

How do i make the Junior Varsity basketball team for my high school?

I REALLY want to make the JV basketball team next year, what are full proof steps that will get me on the team?How do i make the Junior Varsity basketball team for my high school?
Trust me if you want to be on the team, you better do your suicides faster then the other players.... if you are faster, you stick out already in the coaches mind... next, play good defense... if you play good defense such as boxing out, moving your feet, no reaching in, and good at stealing then you have an even better chance at making it... lastly, your layups should be 100% accurate... practice them everyday... left and right hand.... i made the team when i was a sophmore, those that played as freshmen only had me as a new teammate because everyone else that tried out was cut.. those that were freshmen and played since freshmen were on the team automatically and i was the only additional player... but thats what i did... i was able to run with the team, set screens, and know the play.....

yeah, dont forget the play.. if you remember the play really well the coach will choose you often to show how to do a play... just practice your layups and grow from the game.. good luck...
if you want to be on the team next year, you have to practice this summer and in the off season. go to basketball camps or play in a summer league. that's what i did and i'm on jv this year...last year i was one of the worst people on our team. also...get advice from coaches of what you need to work on.How do i make the Junior Varsity basketball team for my high school?
Depends on what position you plan on playing. Dont over dribble the ball like a lot of kids do before college (Even after :P) learn the pick and roll and practice your free throws. What will set you apart from everyone else though will probably be defense. Get tenacious on D, contest shots and play the passing lanes.How do i make the Junior Varsity basketball team for my high school?
Get yourself noticed by the coach and be yourself around the players. If your good then you will make the team for sure and if your really good then you will be a starter.
practice, practice shooting, jump shots, lay-ups,out side shots, base-line shots, get in shape, practice your defense play a scrimmage against your friends or older kids so you get better, practice your ball handling, passing, see if you can find a tape of the JV team last year and see wat the starters do. Good Luck!

What is the line that declares a ball in or out in volleyball or basketball?

Can anybody tell me the line that declares a ball in or out in volley ball, basketball, or football? If so, that would help a lot!What is the line that declares a ball in or out in volleyball or basketball?
End line, boundry line, or side line

What should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?

My first ever basketball tryouts and kind of nervous, I now they are going to tire me out, so is there anything I should bring with me. Like a bag or something I know I have to bring water, but is there anything else.What should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?
LoL Man you must be nervous..You need to make sure you are ready to play and not think about what to bring,all you need is a shirt,shorts and shoes..I played every year and remember thinking too much and that's cool but You need to think about how good you're going to do and what you need to do to get better..Practice everday and you will be a starter..Good Luck..
Well of course your gonna bring water! Make sure you bring a LOT of water. Trust me, I was in a basketball team.And I still play a lot too.

You also might want to bring good running shoes or basketball shoes. I would also bring a t-shirt, towel and a pair of shorts in a bag. I'm pretty sure they'll have basketballs for you.

One more thing: Make you have confidence.What should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?
If I were you, I'd try to stand out by wearing something no-one could miss. A clown suit would be a good choice...or--at least--a big frizzy wig. Also, whenever the coach stops to take a breath scream "AMEN!" three times as loud as you can. I'd also consider running a lot, everywhere you go. For example, when there's a water break, drink some water and then run around in circles on the court screaming the team name as loud as you can, over and over again. Enthusiasm counts!
First off if you are asking this question on yahoo answers your retarded this is a damn question. You ask you coach if you are this stupid there is no way in he'll you will amke the team

PeaceWhat should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?
Dont be nervous you'll do fine!!!

I think your set...

maybe your ipod if you want to listen to music before the tryouts start

so you wont be as nervous
water, a towel, your basketball shoes, shorts, t shirt
A basketball. duh and your confidence.
All your skills.
your flubber shoes
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  • How could I stop panicking and prevent myself from getting nervous when I play basketball?

    How could I stop panicking and prevent myself from getting nervous when I play basketball? I feel like I am better than most of my competition, but when I play, everything gpes wrong. I feel like I am in a rush. So I was wondering, what kind of rituals or things do you do to prepare for a game? If I don't want to do a pregame ritual or any of that stuff or I don't have the time, how can I prepare myself for a game?How could I stop panicking and prevent myself from getting nervous when I play basketball?
    Breathe, man. Breathe. Relax. It's just a game. No big deal.
    You know what, the only advice I can give you is to warm yourself up. Do stretching, jog, shoot -- sweat - before the tip-off to make yourself comfortable. I think unconsciously you are conscious. Of course everybody wants to have a good, if not great game but then it won't happen all the time. You want to show your stuff but then somehow, you get restricted -- you get nervous. Just do your thing, relax, if ever your in the starting line-up, in the first couple of minutes, you'll be conscious but after a few runs you'll get the hang of it and make yourself feel comfortable in the court. Just play the game!How could I stop panicking and prevent myself from getting nervous when I play basketball?
    your like my friend... he's good but then he always just rushes in and drives no matter what and never passes...

    ok so first

    listen to your teammates.. if they say slow it down.. slow it down...

    if ur the one crossing halfcourt dont always run.. just do a slow dribble.
    think of the game, not yourself. Just rely on your Gut and you will win. Promise thats how i got my scholarship to Kentucky.

    P.S. did you see that sick game winning shot mario made?How could I stop panicking and prevent myself from getting nervous when I play basketball?
    Just Play 5-on-5 everyday Kid,until your Panicking Attitude will be gone.
    Just tell your self to slow down and relax. Also try to have fun when your playing.

    What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?

    I mean truly people who love the sport. I'm young and i can still appreciate basketball and the players. Now though you have guys saying Kobe sucks LeBron sucks Dwayne Wade sucks etc. I mean i understand someone saying i don't like the guy or I hate his personality, but to say they suck I mean get real. Just like the Spurs why can't anyone just appreciate great basketball. I mean i don't like Dirk or Arenas for some reason I don't know why, but I admit they are amazing players. So why can't people just appreciate basketball anymore?What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?
    That's totally true. I hear people say that the spurs suck all the time. I personally don't like the spurs but they are great and dominant. how are people gonna say that they suck?

    by the way, im 13.
    It's this sorry generation we're apart of who can't/won't appreciate anything anymore.

    The guy below me: The Bay area! Ha! Anyone who supports Barroid is no where near "real" fans.What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?
    The Bay area truly appreciates it. I went to a warriors playoff game this year and the atmosphere is just so amazing it makes everything better and all the fans love what happens on the court.
    We're still here. We're just vastly outnumbered by the idiots who call themselves "basketball fans", who whine when the Spurs win another title due to their superior defense, chemistry %26amp; team work.What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?
    Im right here
    2 many haters out there
    cuz in sports, you are to hate you the onther team but love yours, its a competition on and off the court.....thats why sports have fans!!!! makes game better and rivalrys greater... no 1 hates players or teams, they just dislike they do damage on the court again opposing teams
    Because too many players have abandoned actually playing basketball. They have convinced themselves that they are God's gift to all of creation instead of just great ball players. They believe they are above the sport and the league. Their lifestyles are followed by fans. These 'fans' accept or reject the entire player for behavior off the court. I stopped following the NBA because I don't think the members of the NBA have any respect for the game and its rules. Too many players are egocentric. I can't stand watching players standing around watching a one-on-one match up every trip down the court.

    In summary, the fans you talk about like the personalities and the lifestyles more than the game itself. They see themselves living the lavish lifestyles if they can be like [insert NBA star here.] They forget that the game is what gives them the medium to be great.

    Do basketball players cut their calf muscles to jump higher ?

    My friend thinks basketball players have surgery to shorten their calf muscles in order to jump higher , I think this is BS . Has anyone heard of this?Do basketball players cut their calf muscles to jump higher ?
    From a strictly biological standpoint, that's just stupid. The muscle is what supplies the power to jump. When you remove muscle, you lose power, simple as that. Not to mention the painful recovery and physical therapy, and a knee that will never be as good as it was. You are very correct, it's total bullshit, call him on it :)
    Your friend is wrong, and you are right.

    From a thinking standpoint, consider that surgery is very expensive. I am sure that health insurance does not cover this type of operation.

    Second, they type of surgery you are talking about is major surgery. So unless this baskball player's name happens to be Wolverine, we are talking about at least 4-6 MONTHS just sitting/laying around and doing nothing while the muscle repairs itself. (4-6 Months is a fast number. But I am using it for the sake of discussion. It actually takes much longer for a muscle to regrow)

    Again, just kinda think about what such an operation would do. They would cut open the legs, take a piece of muscle out to shorten the calves, then somehow sew the muscles and tendons together. That's a grisly thought, and if surgeons could repair muscle like that, then why is Steve Francis out for the entire season because of a partially torn quadricep? The answer is it takes about 5 weeks for a small muscle to regrow and 8+ months for a big muscle to regrow.

    After the 4-6 months, you would still need to rehab the muscle itself, and that's just the calves. You are doing basically nothing physical during that time (because you can't walk), so the rest of your body will be out of shape.

    Finally, think about when this surgery is going to be done. No surgeon in the U.S. will do this type of unnecessary please-make-this-basketball-hopeful-jump鈥?operation on a kid. So that means you have to be 18.

    It just would not make sense that a college player to be allowed to sit out and recover for a year, just to get an imagined 4-6 of vertical jump. Why would they spend time, money, and effort recruiting someone who is just going to sit there? Especially when there are countless other athletes banging on the door, begging for a chance to play basketball.

    That was the thinking part. I'm sure there is more that can be said but the whole idea is that is just plain would not make sense to have surgery to jump higher.

    Now for the physical part.

    I am going to give credit to the Vertical Jump Bible to this information. I am paraphrasing. The calves play a surprisingly small role in jumping when you compare it to other parts of the body. Try locking your knees and jumping with just your calves. See how high you can jump. Now try keeping your toes up and try jumping without your calves at all. You will find that you jump higher with the other body parts minus your calves.

    I do not want to turn this into a Vertical jump lesson, so I will just say that squatting 1 and a half times your body weight or more, is MUCh more important to jumping, then being able to calve raise 700 pounds.

    So, I suppose you could say, well, I guess basketball players cut their thigh muscles to jump higher. I suppose if your friend is silly enough to think that basketball players cut their calves, he could say this.

    Then, you would also want to consider that basketball players (and the very large majority of athletes) stretch. Stretching lengthens the muscle (at least for a short time). Why would they do this if a shorter muscle is better?

    Your friend is probably thinking short muscles are more explosive. That's an anatomy lesson that probably got confused. Type-II b muscles or short muscles as they are called, are indeed more explosive. But that is not because they are "short." More correctly, they are muscles with "fast twitch fibers" and the number of those types of muscles a person has is pure, raw, and utter genetics.

    You can train either muscle types to make what you have stronger, but the actual number/combination of fast twitch fibers to slow twitch fibers of what you have does not EVER change.

    You have a very interesting friend.Do basketball players cut their calf muscles to jump higher ?
    My friend, I am sorry to say but what your friend said was absolutely absurd. Cutting your calf muscle would do nothing to increase your vertical because by cutting your calf muscle you would be relieving the amount of force that can be exerted upon the court thrusting you into the air. ...... Hope I helped
    I haven't heard of anyone doing this but I'm assuming NBA players earn their muscles through honest work in the gym. Besides, it's not just the calves that increase hops. The body has to work as one unit.Do basketball players cut their calf muscles to jump higher ?
    they cant have a surgery that cuts muscles to be better player i dont know where ur friend heard that from
    Your friend is wrong lol.
    haha wtf no
    What on earth.. thats dumb... I agree that it is B.S... Have you seen Ray Allens Calf Muscles?