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What do high school coaches look for in Grade 9 basketball players?

First of all, I'm a male.

I'm heading into grade 9 this year and have 2 months to prepare for basketball season.

I'm 5'9 and right now I'm doing plyometrics and running every morning to prepare myself. I am training my left and right hand layups as well as my speed to get around the man defending me more easily.

Do you guys have any any advice on what I can do to help me get onto my grade 9 basketball team?What do high school coaches look for in Grade 9 basketball players?
You have the right idea. At my high school, the first two days of tryouts didn't focus on the skills in basketball. The coaches had us run sprints for the majority of those days. If you couldn't keep up you got cut, simple as that. They didn't care if a kid could knock down threes like Ray Allen.

Layups are also key, so keep that up. They want to see you make simple, basic shots and also show the ability to use both the right/left hand to handle the ball.

Remember you're not going to be competing against the juniors and seniors. Don't go in there expecting everyone else to be polished players.
You are doing everything right to make the team, I am 5'10 and going into grade 9.

You have to try out for guard, you prolly played forward in 8th grade but ur to short in 9th.

But the major thing you need to know is during try outs, you mostly do drills and conditioning, actually at my school the first part of try outs is conditioning. But back to the drills, if you are trying out for guard, you are mostly doing dribbling and shooting drills, so work on mosty individual skills on top of the conditioning.

Play great defense in scrimmages, u will make the team with d alone, not starting, but to come of the bench in situations.

Also you have to go into try outs with the right attitude.

Not like

"I am the best here" or "He is gonna make it over me"

have a

"I am a great player, I am going to give it my all and I am going to make the team."

Lastly, have fun, if you don't smile once during try outs, no point in going. Basketball is a fun game, and if you are tensed up, you will miss a lot of your shots and not take it in, crack a smile and be a good sport, coaches love that.

Good Luck!What do high school coaches look for in Grade 9 basketball players?
You are gonna want to work on everything. Ball handling, outside and inside shot techniques, defending is a big thing. Shoot about 1000 shots everyday from everywhere on the court. Work with both hands on dribbling the ball. Then for the defense run alot. If you do all this it will help you during try outs. This is what i did and i made the team every year and started and never benched all four years.
they look for potential. someone who works hard and has some skill and most important of all is being coachable. if a coach tells u to do something u do it! even if it screws your game up. if they think your coachable and can improve and have good potential they'll keep you. they don't actually care about the freshman team's record.What do high school coaches look for in Grade 9 basketball players?
Ability to run drills and play team ball, they will look for athletism but it sounds like you got that covered just look like you know what your doing out there
Just play better than the Juniors and Seniors, and make yourself a team leader on the court during tryouts. Don't be shy. Play your hardest.
Work on your cross-over and ball handling. The most because you will play PG or SG.

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