Thursday, January 19, 2012

What basketball position am I the best at?

I am really good at defense and have a lot of hustle but i'm not very quick. I can take an outside jumper and make it 75 percent of the time wide open but i'm not good at driving the lane and getting penetration. I do have a good fade away jumper when i'm posted up though. I'm only 5 foot 10 though so which basketball position am I best at?What basketball position am I the best at?
I would say your best spot would be the off guard position. You sound like your strengths are being a spot up shooter. If you are not great at handling the ball then "spot up" and knock down shots and allow a better ball handler to dribble.
im like, only the best player my little village in sandhem, sweden they say i can play at NBA standards i am very happy

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What basketball position am I the best at?
You sound like me, I played wing on offense and played man D on the small foward.
from wut u said there, i would think that you'd be a good shooting guard or point guardWhat basketball position am I the best at?
ball boy.
id go with bench
I would say a shooting guard.....A point guard needs to be quick, so it seems to me you are best suited for the shooting/ 2 guard position...
You are probobly a good Power Foward,in a fast paced offence. Naturally,you are a wing/guard. If you wana be a great player in the fast break offence,i would go at a power foward to get matched up with a bigger person and exploit his size and shoot your outside jumper. During the off-season i would work on strength and BOXING OUT.

you don't ahve to be big to get rebounds,just box out and you can get every single rebound, which rebounds arn't needed with a fast offence.

If your running a trational offence, i would go with a guard. You can set screens on the top of the key(3 point line) and get some good looks with your jumper. If your offfence is complex you can take a spot by the baseline behind the 3 point line(in the corner of the court kinda) and wait for your point guard to drive in. if you break down the defence by your point guard comming in,most likly your defender will drift off you to your driving point guard. then your point guard dishes it too you for a open 3 or you can dribble up and take a little jump shot.
i would say a guard not point guard though. maybe a two or three( guards but not point)
small forward
shooting guard or sf
uhh i would probably say that you can play point gaurd you have all the skills a point gaurd really needs. you can shoot good you can post up i would say that you should work on ur passing and then its perfect
bench/towel boy
shooting guard. work on your defense and you'll fit that role well.
i say a 3. if not a 2. and then you should be a 4 on defense.

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