Thursday, January 19, 2012

What should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?

My first ever basketball tryouts and kind of nervous, I now they are going to tire me out, so is there anything I should bring with me. Like a bag or something I know I have to bring water, but is there anything else.What should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?
LoL Man you must be nervous..You need to make sure you are ready to play and not think about what to bring,all you need is a shirt,shorts and shoes..I played every year and remember thinking too much and that's cool but You need to think about how good you're going to do and what you need to do to get better..Practice everday and you will be a starter..Good Luck..
Well of course your gonna bring water! Make sure you bring a LOT of water. Trust me, I was in a basketball team.And I still play a lot too.

You also might want to bring good running shoes or basketball shoes. I would also bring a t-shirt, towel and a pair of shorts in a bag. I'm pretty sure they'll have basketballs for you.

One more thing: Make you have confidence.What should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?
If I were you, I'd try to stand out by wearing something no-one could miss. A clown suit would be a good choice...or--at least--a big frizzy wig. Also, whenever the coach stops to take a breath scream "AMEN!" three times as loud as you can. I'd also consider running a lot, everywhere you go. For example, when there's a water break, drink some water and then run around in circles on the court screaming the team name as loud as you can, over and over again. Enthusiasm counts!
First off if you are asking this question on yahoo answers your retarded this is a damn question. You ask you coach if you are this stupid there is no way in he'll you will amke the team

PeaceWhat should I bring with me to basketball tryouts?
Dont be nervous you'll do fine!!!

I think your set...

maybe your ipod if you want to listen to music before the tryouts start

so you wont be as nervous
water, a towel, your basketball shoes, shorts, t shirt
A basketball. duh and your confidence.
All your skills.
your flubber shoes
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