Thursday, January 19, 2012

What do you think makes a great basketball player?

I want to know what you think makes a great basketball player list all you reasons and stuff.What do you think makes a great basketball player?
Somebody who wants to play defense as much as offense. Doesn't even have to be the best player as long as they play hard all the time.
i think the amount of of unwed children you create based strictly on your basketball prowess is a very substantial clue.What do you think makes a great basketball player?
being a leader, not just being great on one but both sides of the ball. not being an -hole, being a good role model
I will just give you one name; Bill Russell.What do you think makes a great basketball player?
What is a great NBA player?

He plays offense, defense, makes the nice dishes to his open team-mate, improves the locker room with his charisma.Takes the big shot to win the game without hesitation, or dishes it to that open guy for an easy look.

Needless to say, a great is involved in each game on every aspect wheather hes on the floor, or injured... always contributing to his team.

You dont see the full package very often anymore,

the new nba player motto is, '*uck you, pay me.'

but if i had to say the one player that was closest to being the 'full package' today, i would have to say Kevin Garnette.....
well, the ability to to play well on both sides of the floor (offense and defense) is a major consideration. being a good role model off and on the court. but the most important part is the ability to elevate teammates.
He has to want the Ball ( great players never shy away from the pressure or the spot lite )

He also must be willing to pass Jordan, Bird, Magic all took most of the big shots....but they knew when to pas it up also.

Has to work hard on defense also. Taking Charges,Checking, Rotating, Hustle, Hands in the face, steals and Boards.

Penetrating.....Getting to that free throw line and getting the other team in foul trouble.

Working with others to improve there game.
I think, first, having a good all around game is very important. It's nice if you can shoot and score until the sun goes down, but if you can't play defense, you're worthless, and vice versa.

I also think behaving yourself off the court is very important. Look at Kobe - he's great on the court, but a pain in the butt off the court. That's tainted his reputation in the court of public opinion and a big reason why many people, including myself, do not include him in their personal list of great players.
You have to have a mix of Steve Nash, Kobe, D-Wade, LeBron, and Shaq.

You need Steve Nash creative passing and his amazing sense of direction. As a team leader, he's got a very friendly demeanor, but he still says what he thinks. If you play sloppily, he'll tell you in a nice way.

I know I'll attract a lot of controversy with this, here it goes. Kobe's killer instinct is crucial too. Any good athlete has to be aggressive. I heard on ESPN that most players don't really mind when they lose, but Kobe will be depressed all day. Kobe has the single-minded focus and intensity that all player needs. But sometimes he overdoes it.

D-Wade is just a nice guy, plain and simple. He loves his team and is so devoted to it. He could have stopped playing and gone off to Disneyland after his shoulder injury. But he came back anyways to give his team 100%, even though they wouldn't have won. He also does a great job putting up with Shaq's silly games.

LeBron has maturity; I can't put it in simpler words. Listen to his interviews. He doesn't bash anyone, speaks really articulately. What he says is always so full of meaning. I love his comments on his commercial, "The LeBrons." All young players can learn from his calm, composed demeanor.

Shaq is necessary to lighten up the mood on the team. He always makes people laugh in an environment that becomes a struggle for survival at times. He was also once the most dominant center in the league. He isn't anymore, but he will always have that good name and childlike charisma

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