Saturday, January 14, 2012

How do I get a college basketball scholarship?

I am in the 8th grade and in the future I hope to get a college basketball scholarship from a big school or a small school. I am willing to do whatever it takes and I understand that it won't be given to me and I will have to work at it. I need you all to give me steps that I can take to achieve my goal. I have never played on an AAU Team although I do have gameplay experience when I was on my school team in 7th and 8th grade. I also practice on my skills everyday.How do I get a college basketball scholarship?
go to a top prep school....dematha, montrose christian, oak hill, if u do well enough there ull make it, trust me u have to be good in order to get a scholarship. my cousins high school football team won a state championship in texas...very good state for football, and ALL of them were overlooked by big schools. u need to be good, i mean real good to have them coming for u. if u cant afford to go to a private school, try your best at whatever school u go to, u might have a harder chance, but who knows maybe one might hear about uHow do I get a college basketball scholarship?
Play something besides b'ball....become well rounded in several sports but concentrate on b'ball.How do I get a college basketball scholarship?
trust me man, i thought it was that simple too. i remember when i was in 8th grade, 14th highest scorer in the state of Massachusetts. in high school, i was the 28th highest. I wanted to do the same. but if you keep working, maybe you'll outlast ALL the other good players in your state. very, truly hard. pick a good high school, with a good basketball reputation. practice even harder if you think your already practicing hard. who knows, maybe you'll do better than me...keep trying, have lots of dedication, dont let anyone get in your way of living your dream. Just have something else to fall back on, or else you will have nothing in your life if your dream doesn't come true...good luck

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