Thursday, January 19, 2012

How can I improve my offense for basketball?

I've played basketball all my life, I have problems facing opponents who talk a lot "smack". I can't deal with it, and it negatively effects my game. Also, I have a habit of making a lot of turnovers. Sometimes I just loose control and I make bad passes. I am actually a good player when I don't make these mistakes. Please Help!How can I improve my offense for basketball?
Dont pay any mind to the player who talks smack he's only trying to intimidate you and throw your game off. What youneed to do is perfect your ball handling. It'll also make it easier to drive and get inside buckets much easier withoutcommiting soany turnovers.
just stay focus and ignore these guys, or if you'll listen to them, use what their saying on you against them. that's practically how you play against guys who talk smack. you just have to show them that you are a great player, and they'll shut up on their own. if you let them see that you're being affected with what they are throwing at you, then they'll certainly keep that talking up. just concentrate, play your game, have that confidence in you and everything will be on your side. also, everybody makes mistakes in basketball. all you have to do is make up for your mistakes and don't let those mistakes take the best out of you.How can I improve my offense for basketball?
ignore them or just drive them hard to the baskets, if they get pushed around, then they will know that you are all business and won't mess with you, just show them what you got right from the begining
Why don't you try talking smack back to them since it is so difficult to ignore them? Even though they intimidate you, you cannot let them know that. Never! Try to intimidate them back!!! Then they might shut up.

Anyway, here's a good website for ballhandling and passing tricks鈥?/a>How can I improve my offense for basketball?
if you want to play for a team, or a league you got to have ball handlling skills, in 2005 i played for my church and got little playing time becuase i didn't have good ball handling skills and the coach saw that. then during the summer i did ball handling workouts after running 4-5 miles a day. you don't have to run but i did. you can run with the ball or without it. it was just an extra thing. i did the ball handling workout everyday. After two weeks i didn't have to look down to dribble anymore. i knew i had good ball handling drills. The next year i was point guard and played most of the game. it was awesome. i also juked out a lot of cocky black player b-ballers. it boosted my confidence a lot. In my senior year of high school, i am a sophmore i will try to make my basketball team and i hope they will be impressed with my basketball skils.

Hers is a link to the workout i did during the summer. i also added some of my own workouts with these.鈥?/a>

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