Thursday, January 19, 2012

How can I look cute at a basketball game?

My crush is at the school's basketball team, and they have a match tomorrow. Their team colors are navy blue (or is it dark blue? I don't really know the difference so it could be either one lol) and orange. What do you think I should wear that will look cute but still practical and appropriate for a sports event? Also what about hair and make up? My style is preppy/girly with an edge(kind of Selena Gomez-ish, but not exactly)

Thanks in advance!How can I look cute at a basketball game?
hair have a high pony with 1 or 2 strands of hair falling out(looks sexy)

wear short shorts. orange or blue.鈥?/a> luike this but orange or blue

wear a heart top it should be orange or could be navy this鈥?/a> but more classy.

have short black boots on no heals or funky sneakers.鈥?/a>鈥?/a> kind of what i was going for.

dark blue fishnet tights could work you know if you want some ege. i would say orange but that might be to over the top.

or a cute scarf would look hot maybe it could be white or black but no fringe! that would not look nice.鈥?/a> or you could get a white scarf and tie dye it orange and in the picture.

make up have dark brown on your lids but not to much. no eyeliner. but use mascara put on blush makes you look healthy. and maybe have some sparkly studs for your ears. or smething with peace.鈥?/a>
you could wear shorts and a tee.

shorts/trousers:鈥?/a> is that dark enough? :S




(:How can I look cute at a basketball game?
-Blue jean shorts, with an orange or blue tank top. Or you can wear both colors and layer them! Oh and wear some cute flip flops! (:

-Straight hair down, or in a ponytail!

-Eye liner, mascara, some blush, and a little lip gloss!

haaaave fun! hope i helped(:%26lt;333
well wear a jean skirt or jean shorts, and wear a cute shirt from american eagle or hollister, where lip gloss mascara some blush and eyeshadow that matches your shirt. and put your hair down and i hope you have side swept bangs and popular friends to go to withHow can I look cute at a basketball game?
denim jeans (any kind short shorts, skinny jeans or a short skirt)

with a orange tank top with a pair of orange flip flops (u can get them at oldnavy... they always have cute colorrs)

where ur hair with a braid that acts like a head band thingy straighten ur hair or ware like SG wares hers

hope this helps!
i think i hav a good idea! Maybe skinny jeans and high top converse(kool if dark blue or orange!) as a shirt maybe a cute tee with a cute saying... like the ones from delias :) and put ur hair up in a loose ponytail. i hope this works!
i remember last year, my ex wud always wear a jursey with short shorts and leggings or stockings w/e they were with either heels or basketball shoes.

and damn .. she looked mad fly ... haha
Keep your style just add their colors so that you stand out!
wear a sexy dress (preferably short)
Go topless!
wear a ribbon in your hair, boys loove that :)
if yur cute honestly it doesnt matter what u wear
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