Saturday, January 14, 2012

How can I get ready for basketball tryouts next month?

Next month, I have basketball tryouts. I'm not in tip top shape yet. So how can I get into shape? I eat well I guess. I don't drink any soda anymore except when we go to reastaurants. I haven't been practicing lately because of school and hw. I have been excercising indoors though. How can I get ready for basketball tryouts next month?
One way or another, you have to find outside of school and homework to get yourself ready for tryouts. Start cutting into your hanging out time to get in shape if you're serious, it will only last until tryouts. Coaches make players run a lot during tryouts to see who will quit first, that way they know who's prepared for organized basketball. If you can, time yourself on sprints, suicides, 17's, and long jogs. Also, carry your focus you have for eating right and other priorities into getting your fundamentals on point. From what you have wrote, I can't see you having any time for working on your game, but you need to organize your time if you want to make the team. It's hard for any player to be on top of their game after any type of lay-off so do your best to practice your fundamentals (dribbling, shooting, defense, passing, and rebounding). Just remember that if your will to succeed is strong, you can overcome whatever gets in your way of making the team. Good luck.How can I get ready for basketball tryouts next month?
The activity i hate the most-running. But the thing i realized is, jogging comes with being in shape. You can be a good jogger, but a poor sprinter. In basketball especially, your sprinting most of the time. If you have a 50ft+ driveway or street, sprint up that 10 times a day, and add 1 every day, or 2 every other day. Once your up to about 50 sprints a day within 45 minutes, i say your in pretty good shape. How can I get ready for basketball tryouts next month?
Physical training is good, sure. But also, try to squeeze in a few full court 5 on 5s. Even if it's with family or friends who don't know how to play.
just keep practicing

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