Thursday, January 19, 2012

What position should i take in basketball?

I 've ignored basketball for many years but now I started thinking about playing because my friends have been talking about me playing basketball as I have huge body,long finger,i'm tall n i'm young n still expecting to grow taller.

The reason i left basketball in da past is that whenever i play it people laugh n insult me because i don't know how to play.

Is it too late to start again.What position should i take in basketball?
It all depends on you how you play, now are you good dribbling the ball down court, do you like spotting at your favorite spot to take the jumper, or are you tall enough to post your self to be center? Either way you need to practice, I used wake up just before the sun came out to practice, and then go to school. But its never to late to get in to it. My son at 4 a tried to get him in the game but he never took interest, now at 14 he want to learn, so you also need desire.
I think that you should be Center. And dont let those people laugh at you. I am a PG and that may be a way different position but when people are mean and make fun of me I actually go on fire and I make everything. It is never too late to play BBallWhat position should i take in basketball?
It's not too late to start again, although you will have to practice a LOT. A lot more than your teammates. Also, I think you should play power forward. position should i take in basketball?
power forward or center

power Forward
If you want to play, go ahead and play. Don't worry about what other people think! The more you play, your game will get better... Good Luck..:)

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