Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What happens in high school basketball tryouts?

I have been playing basketball for a long time, but have only played in an organized league once. This past year, I played organized ball for the first time at the point guard position. I won the mvp award and helped the team make it to the championships. I had joined this team late, which meant that I did not participate in tryouts. Now entering as a freshman in high school, I plan to tryout for basketball. I have never been to basketball tryouts and I have no idea what to expect. I would like to know what specific things are usually done in tryouts and if you have any good advice for me. Thanks for the help.What happens in high school basketball tryouts?

conditioning is very important.

dont show boat, its not And1.

if you got game like you lead on, dont sweat it you'll do great.

this is what i would do...

pay attention to the coach, he needs to know that you are listening. be 1st, in line, in the huddle, to do exercises.... FOCUS.

be quiet, until its time to be heard, then be loud. show leadership qualities... ie. verbal support to teammates, pick your teammates up when they are down.. even the dorkiest, no talent having, annoying Muthaf--er. thats what team is all about.

always be you, have confidence.

goodluckWhat happens in high school basketball tryouts?
alot of runninWhat happens in high school basketball tryouts?
You try out

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