Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to play strong and physical in basketball?

I play high school basketball and i am 6'4. I play like a guard, i can shoot and pass. But i dont play guard, i am a PF. When i do play down low i hate contact and try to avoid it, how can i change this?How to play strong and physical in basketball?
Im also 6'4 and I played high school ball as a PF. One of the best ways I kno how is work with a friend or teamate that is about your hieght and just work on your post moves. Make sure they give contact and you go towards the contact becuase it will more than likely put you on the free throw line in a game. You got to get use to the physical nature of the post plain and simple.
eat more, work out more, and get a bigger and healthy body...How to play strong and physical in basketball?
uhmm its not so hard. think of it a football and start tackling people.
start to work out

gain muscle mass and get bigger then everyone else

once you have a really strong looking body OTHER players will try to avoid making contact to you

and also just keep your arms up if the contact is to strong the ref will usually call a foul on the other teamHow to play strong and physical in basketball?
Don't avoid make the contact.

And if your that scared don't even think about the nba.

Best of luck.
From past experience, I know that it is all mental (but it does help to be stronger than the other guy.) To win the battle down-low in the post, just work on your moves and be confident that you can take the little shrimp guarding you. And oh yeah stick your elbows out and you will find that people won't get close enough to make contact after taking a "bow" blow.

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