Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to play against tall people in basketball?

I am rather short for my age and whenever I play basketball with people 6ft+ I always get blocked and can't shoot, any advice?How to play against tall people in basketball?
think of ways to use your height to your ADVANTAGE in stead. when of the best players on the team at hour school is pretty short, but dang he's fast....try working on your calf muscles to jump higher. then the other team will think "oh, hes short, don't worry about him" then you cans scare the living daylights out of them...take them by surprise. its not about height. its about skill. there was another guy on our team that was 6 ft 7". people were intimidated by him, but he couldn't jump worth a darn. you could use your height to be able to duck around, i just had a flashback of a movie where these guys jumped really high, and the kid just ducked under his legs XD. now, that was a movie, but it still kind of proves my point....i think it was the one with shaq and a kid...don't remember his name...anyway...
work on your quickness and ball handling skills.if they block your shot work on dribbling by them then squaring up to shoot.

when they dribble, get low to the ground and you have the advantage to steal the ball from them which they have a hard time to do against youHow to play against tall people in basketball?
I'm tall but I have played against short people who can beat me. They usually get a pick from their teammate and then drive inside and when we try to block them they either throw up a floater or draw a foul. Also Jimmer Freddette had the same problem when he was a kid. He worked on his jumpshot so try that.
Get tough! Try to always stay in front of the bigger player when they are in the post, and let your teammates help get between your taller opponent and the hoop. This will force the other team to throw a lob into the paint, which is a much harder pass than a simple chest or bounce pass. Also, use your hands and make sure they are up at all times.How to play against tall people in basketball?
Shorter people tend to be more agile (I'm roughly 5'6 I think), so try and fake a lot, improve your jumpshots so you don't have to contest a layup against a big guy, and just generally run around trying to find a great look.
use moves to create space between you and the player marking you such as jab steps, or use fakes to make them think you're going to shoot then shoot.
Learn to handle the ball and enhance your shooting.
Don't play basketball with big people. Befriend some sporty midgets.

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