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What should I practice to make the basketball team?

I'm trying out for the seventh grade basketball team and I would like some pointers on how to improve my game. I'm fairly tall and the fastest in the grade, I can also jump very well. I can shoot decent and dribble fairly well, I also can run for endurance because of soccer any help would be great.What should I practice to make the basketball team?
Coaches look for the best of a few things:

1. The best Defender

2. The best Rebounder

3. The best Ball Handler

4. The best Shooter

5. The best Passer

So you can work on any of these items. The biggest thing is to not limit yourself, though, make sure you're at least okay at all of them, and great at at least one (being great at all of them is obviously better, though).

If you are tall and can jump pretty well, definitely use that to your advantage as a's the only thing that happens on BOTH ends of the court, so coaches love players that can rebound.

In tryouts, the main thing is to be confident, but not cocky, HAVE FUN, and always work hard. Listen to what the coaches have to say as well...if they know your open to suggestions and "coachable" they're more inclined to keep you on the team.

There's a basketball tryout tips page from basketball-tips-and-training at鈥?/a>
ball handling, layups, foul shoots, three pointersWhat should I practice to make the basketball team?
you r a young kid. try learning how to handle the ball its very important for young age ballers. u can impress ur coach alot. make sure u can dribble with both hands without looking, and also dribbling at different speed. once u can learn that then learn how to do a layup with both hands then practise ur shoting. while playing d makesure u r on ure tipy toes and the man is always infront of u. u have to spend alot of time in the gym. good luck
Work on your dribbling, shooting, passes, and defense. The most over looked thing in basketball is Defense. I know its nice to dunk, and see a nice shot, but if you score 30 points a game and the guy your guarding if your playing man scores 31, or more what good were you. Sometimes you will get a lot of playing time if your just good at defense. I had a buddy in H.S that started just cause he played good defense he wasn't really a good shooter, and he was a forward so he didn't handle the ball much either. In try outs try to relax, and just play like you normally would know thats easier said than done, but if you get so nervous you might not play well. Also work out as much as you can your whole body. Work out legs for jumping, jump rope, calf raises, squats, lunges, box jumps, etc... Best of luck to you!What should I practice to make the basketball team?
You should work on your:

1) Ball Handle- Coaches Look to See how well you can bring the ball up both with pressure as well as to set-up plays etc.

2) Mid Range Shot- Its not all about shooting outside the perimeter and letting off threes the entire game...the more areas you can get the shot off at the more effective as a player you will become.

3) Stamina- Since your a fast runner you should be able to keeo up with the defense if not get past them, being able to outlast the defense will put you at an advantage where as in they're tired and you're still ready to go.

Being Versatile is what Coaches look at, a player who can play well in more than one area.

P.S. Watch Alot Of Nba Videos, As well as the Season itself....

Versatile Players

Carmelo, Lebron, Kobe, D-Wade, Etc.

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