Saturday, January 14, 2012

What to think when you playing basketball to boost your confidence?

When I鈥檓 playing basketball I get nervous and disappear... except when I have sucky players on MY team then I don't... but what should I think when playing basketball to boost my confidence? Should I trash talk in my head to boost my confidence or is there something else I can do silently in my head to make me feel real good and confident playing basketball?What to think when you playing basketball to boost your confidence?
Well i think the most important thing is to believe in yourself, doesn't matter what you are thinking inside, you have to have confidence in yourself. When you are playing in a game, you make a decision and you go along with it, you should not care about what people are saying about you. The only way you will get better is if you believe in urself.
Just think about winning, just win.What to think when you playing basketball to boost your confidence?
i think this happens to a lot of people who play ball...the worst thing for you to do is talk **** cause then your gonna raise the level of competition and if you cant keep up theyr gonna make you look bad...i think a common mistake among basketball players is always trying not to do anything wrong, when your thinking about not messin up your not thinking about what you should be doing right. the next time you step on the hardwood think your the best player out there and you have something to prove and think about what your gonna do right, dont think about how to not make mistakes.
I read in an article once it was actually an interview with Tracy McGrady of the Houston Rockets when he visited our country, he was asked with the same question and he answered..."Just think and believe in yourself that you are the best player on the court, it's not arrogance but confidence, all great players think that way during practice or games, even Kobe thinks that way, because if you don't...other players and possibly the game itself will eat you alive...", those are words from T-Mac, an NBA superstar...What to think when you playing basketball to boost your confidence?
NOO!! dont trash talk in your head! If u do, when u get a hold of that ball i guarantee you you will get more nervous.

sometimes its good to get nervous, it keeps you on your toes.

and it keeps you on guard. When you do get the ball just get in your own little zone. just be like in your own little world. Then just EXPLODE! dont worry about anything else just worry about gettin that ball in the basket!

hope this helps!

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