Saturday, January 14, 2012

How can i get back into my basketball prime?

Back in the day i was a good basketball player with decent shots and layups and jumps.. Nowadays all i have are my jumps and my general athleticism. How can i improve my shots/layups quickly?

My friends at school want me to get back into ball so i can play with them. I can play well, but i can never finish!How can i get back into my basketball prime?
My dad always says, after many years of not playing bball...his shot has never gone away, and it dont. He lights up the nets when i play him 1 on 1. Layups, im not so just gotta get the perfect finger roll you used to have going. Even NBA players get cold streaks, you just gotta see the ball go in the net a few times and you should be fine. You've been out for awhile, you just need some fine tuning and a little practice to familiarize yourself.

Good luck and i hope you can learn to finish again!How can i get back into my basketball prime?
ok you know the same thing happened to me you know what i lost?my CONFIDENCE if what you say is true all you need is your confidence back
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