Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is it okay to play basketball in Converses?

I have basketball shoes, but I also have EXTREMELY flat feet. After running in my basketball shoes for 5mins my feet start to hurt, I think it's the arch, but I can run a mile in my converses and my feet won't hurt. I've never seen anyone play basketball in converses, including my friends and family, so I don't know if it's like acceptable or whatever.|||

they were the original basketball shoe|||if you are talking about chuck taylors it can be done and was done for years. but i would advise against it as far as support they don't compare to the tech that has been put into basketball shoes in the past 20 years. i have been a converse wearer for years and the only shoes i play in now are cons the 93 run and slams, and the 95 aerojams. converse makes many many types of shoes other than chucks.|||I play basketball and if i where you i wouldn't play basketball in converses. They don't give your feet the support that you need. The probability of you getting an injury is bigger because it doesn't protect the ankles.|||I wouldn't recommend wearing converse period. Converse give feet the worst arch then any other shoe on the market. You should go back to wearing running shoes to get your arch back. Yes it will hurt but it will be worth it in the long run. Trust me.|||yeaa i dont c any problem with tht, but they dont have much support 4 ur foot, but if u find them comfy then thts acceptable ;) but they might get a bit worn out or brake slighty if you use them often 4 basketball becoz obviously there're not made 4 basketball loool :)|||yeah you can, i have a homie that tears up the court in vans he rains 3s for days, and can drive in on anyone|||Of course. You could play basketball in bedroom slippers if you waned to, it's just a tradition to wear basketball shoes.|||i'm sure that you can do it

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