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What are these different positions in basketball?

Basketball used to be a favorite game to watch and I'm just gettin back started watchin again. I need more of an understanding of the positions. Can anyone please tell me what these are and what they do? Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small FWD, Power FWD, and center? Defense and offense? I need all of them please :). Please and thanks you guys!What are these different positions in basketball?
PG is suppose to take the ball out, and is the man who controls the ball mostly and looks to pass and setup plays rather than be a scorer.....the SG shooting guard is the guy who is suppose to be the shooter, the scorer, and be quick to take it to the hole and score via lay-up or dunk. The SF and PF are the bigger guys and the only difference would be the PF is stronger and bigger than the SF, but they mostly play in the paint....but a lot of big men can still shoot deep 2's or even 3's like rasheed wallace. These SF and PF can also be big enough to make impact on D blocking shots...and these positions are very similar to the Centers as well.....big tall guys looking for dunks, layups, post up, blocking shots in the paintWhat are these different positions in basketball?
you just said them in your question!lol

Point Guard, Shooting Guard, Small FWD, Power FWD, and center


for example,

the 2010 cavs

pg-mo williams

sg-delonte west

sf-lebron james!

pf-anderson varejao

c-shaquille oneal.

the different position that u have tells u wer to stand, shoot and who to guard. the tallest guy is usually the center, the shortest guy is usually the point guard. it also depends wer u r gud at shooting.

hope this helped!!!!!!What are these different positions in basketball?
PG on offense is like the leader of the floor he is the guy who wont melt under pressure (assists). And defense he like a little rat that is sooo annoying and he always the best stealer.

SG on offense is the second PG but a waay better shooter...the clutch performer. and on defense.....they're jus out to feel like apart of the team

Small FWD on offense is the person u want wit da bal because they're usually the best player on the court defense and offense wise.

Powe fwd on offense is the man wit the down low moves who can make the shot facing away from the basket and on defense the haf to b able to defend down low and the post.

Centers are bigger power fwds and they haf great rebounding abilities.
Here's what each positions responsibility is on the court:

Point Guard (1 spot) - The point guards responsibility is to run the offense, direct the team, distribute the ball and make plays. They also are expected to score and play defense on the opposing guards.

Shooting Guard (2 spot) - Shooting guards are exactly that, shooters. Their main function is to score points. It helps if they can play defense.

Small Forward (3 spot) - Small forwards must be versatile, they have to be able to score, rebound and play defense. They have to also be quick. They have to be able to handle the ball at least minimally.

Power Forward (4 spot) - They play in the low and high posts, they are expected to be able to rebound on both ends and score usually in the low post. They should also be able to hit open short jumpshots. They must also play defense under the basket in a zone, and guard the opposing forward on man to man.

Center - (5 spot) It helps if they're the tallest player, their primary function is to score and defend from close to the basket. They have to be strong to set picks. They are expected to rebound more than any other position.
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