Thursday, January 19, 2012

What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?

I mean truly people who love the sport. I'm young and i can still appreciate basketball and the players. Now though you have guys saying Kobe sucks LeBron sucks Dwayne Wade sucks etc. I mean i understand someone saying i don't like the guy or I hate his personality, but to say they suck I mean get real. Just like the Spurs why can't anyone just appreciate great basketball. I mean i don't like Dirk or Arenas for some reason I don't know why, but I admit they are amazing players. So why can't people just appreciate basketball anymore?What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?
That's totally true. I hear people say that the spurs suck all the time. I personally don't like the spurs but they are great and dominant. how are people gonna say that they suck?

by the way, im 13.
It's this sorry generation we're apart of who can't/won't appreciate anything anymore.

The guy below me: The Bay area! Ha! Anyone who supports Barroid is no where near "real" fans.What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?
The Bay area truly appreciates it. I went to a warriors playoff game this year and the atmosphere is just so amazing it makes everything better and all the fans love what happens on the court.
We're still here. We're just vastly outnumbered by the idiots who call themselves "basketball fans", who whine when the Spurs win another title due to their superior defense, chemistry %26amp; team work.What hapenned to all the real basketball fans?
Im right here
2 many haters out there
cuz in sports, you are to hate you the onther team but love yours, its a competition on and off the court.....thats why sports have fans!!!! makes game better and rivalrys greater... no 1 hates players or teams, they just dislike they do damage on the court again opposing teams
Because too many players have abandoned actually playing basketball. They have convinced themselves that they are God's gift to all of creation instead of just great ball players. They believe they are above the sport and the league. Their lifestyles are followed by fans. These 'fans' accept or reject the entire player for behavior off the court. I stopped following the NBA because I don't think the members of the NBA have any respect for the game and its rules. Too many players are egocentric. I can't stand watching players standing around watching a one-on-one match up every trip down the court.

In summary, the fans you talk about like the personalities and the lifestyles more than the game itself. They see themselves living the lavish lifestyles if they can be like [insert NBA star here.] They forget that the game is what gives them the medium to be great.

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