Sunday, January 8, 2012

What position should I play in basketball?

This year, I'm going to be a freshman in high school. I'm 6 feet tall even, about 185 pounds and rather muscular. I'm a great defender in both the post and on the perimeter, a decent mid-range and free throw shooter, a good ballhandler, high awareness on the court, and the heart and passion you need for the game of basketball. What should I do?|||Definitely small forward. You are good on shooting, so I think that talent would be wasted a little at point guard, and your too short for power forward or center. The only other thing I could see you at would be shooting guard, but your post defense would be wasted there. You're an all-around player, and those particular skills are best used at the 3.|||depending on the height of the rest of the team, I'd go small forward or point guard. at 6'0", you'd be the shortest kid on my high school's basketball team so you'd be a point guard for sure. at our rival's school, you'd be put at small forward. The reason you could play either position: small forward requires good defense and stamina and point guard requires great ball handling, speed, and shooting from mid-range to beyond the 3-point-line.|||point guard.. because if you are decent midrange.then you arent that good at are just alright at midrange but not good... usually powerforwards do a lot of midrange shots..for example.. kevin garnett and carlos boozers are both power forwards that their go to move is the midrange shot.... usually centers arent great free throw you shouldn't be a center... so that narrows it down to either point guard, shooting guard or small forward.... i think you should pick point guard.. because point guards have high awareness on the court... you can assists to the other players on the court... be a pointguard.... point guards like derrick rose ,chris paul, jason kidd.. all have high awareness on the court good ball handlers, and have heart and passion|||A guard. But if your team runs a motion offense it wont really matter except who brings the ball down court. 6'0 isnt really the ideal height for a Forward. the small forward on my team is 6'3. and the teams we play against usually have similar height or taller. My advice get your handles and your slashing down and keep your shooting touch and be a major threat on the perimeter.|||depending on the size of your team mates..if your the tallest.. you'll be playing post.. but if you are all roughly the same size.. i think the power forward position suits you best|||Obviously a Small Forward. Not tall enough to be a center and good perimeter defense is key to being a 3. Should thrive as a starting 3.

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