Sunday, January 8, 2012

What are some good tips in basketball?

I am on a basketball team and i what to get better.So give me so tips and even a clear shot.|||For a better shot:

1-make sure both feet are pointed square toward the basket

2-have your arm so its like its carrying a platter. Your wrist should be bent back fully, and the ball resting on the pads of your hand.

3-keeping the guide hand stationary, extend the ball arm fully and flick the wrist while jumping.

Goes in almost every time for me!|||Put the ball in the basket....often. Then call me when you need an agent!|||hey.. i really have some folders.. its all about information to get better...if u wanna email me.. its really helpful.... try to practise yr hands alot on the ball.... BTW..|||when shooting free throws remember to tuck in your elbow.|||practice positioning the ball. its all in the flick of the wrist. i am 17 and on the basketball team at my school. and i average 14 pts per game. my coach drills us a whole lot. so conditioning helps. 4 quarters non stop really takes the life out of you. and if you have a basketball goal try some lay ups for starters and some short jumpers. eventually work your way up to 3 pointers. and position the ball different each time to figure what style is best for you. AND CONDITION YOURSELF|||dribblin if ur righty practice only left and work ur left so u can dribble both was opposite if ur lefty

layups get ur right and left hand layups down

shooting. dont worry about the three practice ur close shots so u can be auto matic from close because in the nba ur a good 3 pt shooter if u shoot 35 percent which is 3 otta 10 go in and u probably arent as good as an allstar|||what position do you play? each position has different areas to focus on. well here are some general tips:

1. learn to dribble with both hands equally as good

2. go to every shot and use high pressure defence on shooters-good defence leads to good offence

3. shoot for the ball to come down into the hoop, dont jus throw the ball at the net

4. listen to coach and practice practice practice


6. become a team player and allways put in 100%

7. keep a good physique

8. use jump stops to open up the defence

9. take a ball everywhere you go-will improve your handles

10. learn from the pros

hope that helps mate|||in basketball you have to make sure you have a nice clear shot between the ball and the basket. when you shot an outside shot make sure your feet is set . on layups make sure you get a head start to the basket.

These are all the tips i have for now.

If you take my advice i would appreciate it.|||Dribbling: Work on your tactile touch. spend time bouncing the ball without looking at it. Do this and switch hands so you are comfortable dribbling with both hands.

Shooting: when shooting flick your wrist so that you get some backspin. Try to make tall looping shots, and not 'flat' shots. Use the backboard. Try to aim at the top corner of the rectangle that is closest to you. This will increase the chance of you getting it in, with the right force. Shoot with one hand.

Defence-%26gt;gaurding the ballhandler: When you are gaurding the ball handler ie. the person dribbling the ball down the court, you can't be to tight on them. If you get too close they will dribble right around you. Just keep backing up untill you get near the key. Then you should tighten it up a lot.|||take your time when you shoot|||when you're doing any kind of shots , freethrows , jumpshots , the last thing to touch the ball are your fingers, make sure you arch it as well.|||Grow to be about 7'0'' and be african american.

next step: skip college and go pro

next step: get a shoe deal

next step: suck real bad and drop out of the pro's and have nothing to fall back on because you skipped college and your about as dumb as a freaking hammer

thats what the majority of basketball players are doing. . .

so good luck

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