Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is the wing position in basketball?

I was just wondering because my older brother plays college basketball and on their site it says he plays wing. Can you guys tell me what it is? Is it some sort of forward or guard or something?|||It is a combo of a shooging guard and a small forward, he is called the "shooting forward". The wing is the shoulders of the court. This area rests just inside the three-point line, halfway between the corner and the free-throw line.|||where you are on the side waiting on the ball.|||The wing postion can refer to the shooting guard and small forward.|||it is the shooting guard and small forward positions. it was derived from the way fast breaks are run with the point guard usually in the middle and the shooting guard and/or small forward running the "wings".|||the wing is usually the shooting guard and the small forward, but it depends|||SHOOTING GUARD!! LOL. he is known as the wing man to the point guard.|||those who position themselves at the left and right quarter courts are the wing men.. and they are usually the small forward and shooting guard... they try to slash to the basket, or shoot, from the wings.|||depending on the team's strategy, the wing can be the shooting guard or the small forward.but, normally it is the small forward.

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