Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to not get nervous playing basketball?

I play center or power forward in basketball. I am actually a really good player. I can make many shots when its just me and some friends, but when i face people better than me, I think to myself that im going to mess up, and I do. I really need help with this. Please someone give me some advise on how to overcome this.|||I've been coaching basketball at High School level for 9 years now so I know a little bit (not a lot) about game prep.

It really starts with how you practice. If you want to become better you have to practice at game intensity and think of situations you might be put into during your games before they happen.

When it comes to game time don't worry about how many points you're gonna score or how well you play. Focus on doing your job (hopefully your coach tells you what that is). If you are required to get rebounds for your team then make sure you bump bodies and get aggressive to increase your chance at getting those rebounds. I find just doing the basics well (rebounding, playing defense, communicating on court) helps me to relax during the game as well and allows me to play at my best. Hopefully this helps you out a little!|||When you play with friends, have them double team you, it will give you more confidence.

And go to the local park and always guard the best player, usually they will guard you back, and you will get better.

It's all about confidence, assume every shot other than yours is a miss so your in place for a rebound, and make sure you look at the rim and take it up strong, and go through the arms.|||I have the same problem when I play other teams. If you just take a few minutes before the game and take deep breaths, it should help calm you down.|||dont think about who you are playing just breathe in through the nose out through the mouth and always think positive things like this game is mine stuff like that|||alot of ppl went threw ur same problem all i can say is believe in urself and just play dont worry about nobody but u|||everyone gets butterflies to start the game...but after that first tip, it over. trust me|||play your hardest and don't care about the crowd focus on you and your team

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