Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is the major difference between a football and basketball's player contract?

I often hear that basketball players have much better contracts and more security than football players. If this is true...... why?

P.S. Learned this from watching the Atlantic housewives whose spouses are basketball and football players. However, they were sketchy on the details|||A football player can be cut, or kicked off the team, at any time for any reason. If a player signs a 4-year contract and is cut after 2 years, he won't get paid for the full four years. He only gets the amount that was allotted for the first two years of the contract.

A basketball player's contract guarantees him money. If a player signs a 4-year contract, he will usually stay on the team for the duration of the contract. A coach or owner can kick the player off the team, but the player is still entitled to the full money amount promised on his contract.|||An NBA team contracts 12-15 players, 12 on the active roster. The TV revenue, attendance, even the international coverage makes it a higher per player generator of capital...but remember it's very hard to get into an NBA squad, even first round picks don't always play long term.

Each NFL team contracts 60 or more players, including practice squad players, injured players etc.....many players just get the minimum salary....and money is not guaranteed, once you are cut, your contract is also cancelled.

NBA is mostly guaranteed money...look at Marbury, he's on 14 mil per year for doing nothing.

Sorry, I don't know about the security.|||Basketball players as well as baseball players contracts are guaranteed as a football players is not. So if a baseball or basketball player get cut their are still owed the money from their contract as of a football player he is not. That is why they want big signing bonuses because that money is guaranteed.

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