Sunday, January 8, 2012

How do I become a better basketball shooter with only two trainings a week?

Hey I live in Norway which is all about soccer,and I love the game of basketball I wanna be better but my team have only two trainings a my question is how do I use that little time to be a better SG (shooting guard)?|||You must learn the correct technique. If you are a righty you have your left hand 3/5 the way up the ball. The right hand is 2/5 the way up the ball. If you are a lefty vice versa.|||You need to practice more then twice a week. During the practices work on your form starting in close to the basket until you can hit 5 in a row. then move a foot back and keep this up. The most important thing about being a good shooter is your footwork and your shooting form. even when you dont have practice you can practice your form at home by just holding the ball and doing a shooting motion. the ball should not touch the palm of the hand but rest on the finger tips. when shot the arm should be fully extended with the wrist bent towards the basket as if "reaching into the basket". the other hand should not be used to shoot just as a balance while the ball is being readied to shoot. the best shooters shoot thousands of shots a day in every imaginable way.|||If you only can practice twice a week thats OK. Use your off days to practice what you learned. You can practice in your house in front of a mirror to make sure your shooting form is correct and also you will get yourself use to doing it correctly through muscle memory. Also, there are shooting and dribbling drills you can do on your own. Also, think about buying a portable basketball goal.

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