Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why is the state of Indiana historically known for basketball?

They always say Indiana is a basketball state. And the Pacers "motto" is "In 49 states its just basketball, but this is Indiana!"

I know there were some famous players from their and historically they have good high school teams, but do kids just play ball their more than other states, or they just understand the game better or what?|||Cause they have good college basketball in Indiana.. you know Indiana, Indiana State, Purdue these schools has strong tradition in basketball game.. Also, John Wooden the winningest coach in college basketball was born in Indiana.. Larry Bird was also from indiana..|||Oscar Robertson, Scott Skiles, and Shawn Kemp are some others. Eric Gordon and Greg Oden are recent. Indiana is also known for producing a large number of college recruits. Might be due to the fact that nearly every garage, barn, and house has a basketball hoop.

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|||who cares if Larry Bird was from indiana, and because of Indian University and Indiana state hasnt been good since bird left. I would think it should be North Carolina as the basketball state. They have the 2 best college basketball teams in North Carolina and Duke for the last 10-15 years and the also have NC state who has been pretty good. not to mention all the superstars that UNC and Duke has produced. I cant think of 2 huge superstars that went to Indiana.|||It has to do with a couple things

Indiana is known to always have good college basketball programs like Purdue and Indiana

Also there was a movie made called hoosiers about a high school program that won the state championship

thats the best I know hope it helps!|||They don't have anything else to be proud of in Indiana besides Larry Bird. Any other state with a famous basketball background could have claimed the name but they have better things to brag about

|||LARRY BIRD'S HOME AND COLLEGE TOWN... There is nothing more important about Indiana (in terms of sports) than that.|||well, hoosier nation? whats your answer?

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