Sunday, January 8, 2012

How can i get better at basketball?

I am 14 and 125 pounds. I am pretty out of shape. I want to start basket ball so that in 3-4 months i can go out for the freshman team in high school. What i need is a good schedule to help me and also i need very specific details. I have a basketball hoop and cant go to the gym. Please be as specific as possible. Like how long i should do something or the intensity. If you have exercises please explain them in case i don't know what they are.|||hit the courts practice by your self and with some one better than you|||I recommend running first. Just run one or two miles a day... until you get in shape.

Then go to youtube and you will find some basketball drills there.

=)|||I agree that you would start running to get in shape. Try running for 30 minutes each day. Then, in terms of basketball, I would shoot 100 jump shots a day, from varying distances. Try some close shots, medium range and three pointers. Doing both these things everyday will help you get in shape and improve your shot. It will be tough to get better on defense without coaching, though.|||i would say to go running in fields or on the road for a 1/2mi or more?? (you'll get better each day). go someplace where there's a basketball hoop and do 50 jumpshots, 25 right hand lay-ups, 25 left hand lay-ups, 50 freethrows, and 15 3-pointers. (if you don't know what one of these shots are..look them up on youtube, I'm not very good at explaining then when ur inside the house or something....practice ur follow through of ur shots, by laying on ur back on the floor and move ur right hand (if right handed..or left if left handed) and move it like ur grabbing a cookie from a cookie jar...(if u still don't get it then look it up on youtube!). also you can lift weights, do sit-ups, and push ups!

this should help you a ton!!! good luck! :]

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