Sunday, January 8, 2012

Why are the Lakers playing uninspired basketball against the Bobcats?

The Lakers are playing uninspired basketball against the Bobcats at home. Why is this happening? The Lakers are sleep walking during the game and they're gonna get beat if they don't shape up. Common Lakers fans, what do you think?|||Because they are good basketball team.|||they bounce back quick but its retarted if they keep being down by like 13 in 1st half but eventually kill them in the 2nd. teams will take advantage of that. and i dont get why tehy dont try against easy teams espeaciilly

dont worry

lakers are lakers

go lakers!|||Lakers may work hard a bit after half time

they are 57 - 44 Bobcats lead

it all depends on Kobe|||they are lazy. the Lakers are different. they lose to weak teams because they show no respect but they defeat the good teams because they try.|||if im on here answering this question while the game is on it just shows you how boring and frustrating the game is. Lakers look like they came into this game thinking they can win it without actually PLAYING. if this was a top team i dont think they would pass,shoot the way they are right now. Maybe its fatigue, its been a long hard couple of days for them. hopefully they realize at the half that this is one of the more important games. if they win they reach the magic 50 mark and then they can rest a little mentally and physically. they have to change their attitude in the 2nd half|||Because they suck?

No. 5'5 Earl Boykins can't be very intimidating.|||I think they better wake up - because you bring this weak sorry stuff during the playoffs and you're in trouble.

i think they still have a chance to win tonight- but the catch 22 is that you start thinking that you can come from behind all the time.

Their defense looks weak and uninspired tonight.


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