Sunday, January 8, 2012

What to wear to a college basketball game for a 1st date?

I'm a huge sports fan. I'm going on a 1st date with a guy to a college basketball game. I'm the type of sports girl who rocks jeans, a cute team shirt and some shelltoes or cons- do I still wear that and be me or what should I wear since it's a first date?|||-Wear a college t-shirt (one for your team, that is. lol)

-Nice jeans that are long enough (not skinny jeans)

-Good tennis shoes. Not 'Vans'. Nike (or something like that) would be good. Converse would be okay I guess.

-Some beads (college colors)

When I go to a game (it would be a Kentucky) here's what I wear. Just mix n match with your college stuff.�?/a>|||You probably want to be you, especially on a first date. Because if you don't, you might give off the wrong impression to the guy and get a negative consequence as a result later on.|||Yes that kind of boy likes girls that are sporty. They may like just what you always wear in regular time. Just wear the same clothes. Just be sporty! I'm sure that boy will like you more.|||Team clothes,or just not too formal.

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