Sunday, January 8, 2012

Where can I buy a good basketball in London?

I am looking for the official UK Basketball ligue ball (brand is Baden, orange and white leather)! Nothing at John Lewis, also tried Lillywhites and they do not know much about this sport! Any good store downtown? Thanks!|||go 2 argos. dont shop 4 it argos it. dats where i got my 1000 %26amp; cage grip basket ball. buden cost £40.00|||Here ya go�?/a>|||Five weeks ago when lidl, yes LIDL! had basketball in their sale I picked two up for £2.99

Everybody on the court did perfect layups and jumpshots with it until I opened my mouth and told them where i got them from. you could have heard the pin drop. They stuck to their wilson for the rest of the jam.

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