Sunday, January 8, 2012

What will help me jump higher to dunk in basketball?

I am 6 feet and so far I cannot jump to reach the rim of basketball. I mean like explosive jumps. I don't play basketball but recently I have become better at it and I am on the team and plan on honing my skills. DO you have any twice? Also, how can I run faster instead of taking tight steps, a lot people say I do but I cannot change that.|||try strenghtening your calfes and ankles and work out to improve your lower body strength if you keep at that for awhile your hops will improve in no time also some tips to try to jump higher are like when you jump swing your arms up and bend down and spring up as hard as you can!

hope i helped :D|||You need to hit the gym and work on your legs and calf muscles. Start off easy for a week and then push yourself. I promise you'll see results.

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