Sunday, January 8, 2012

What was your favourite moment in basketball history?

I have my favourites, grew up as a Bulls fan so the first championship in 1991 sticks in my mind, as does watching the greatness of the 1992 Dream Team in Barcelona.

So I'd like to know everyone else's thoughts. What was your favourite or most memorable moment in basketball history?|||OK MY FAVORITE MOMENT IS WHEN MJ PUT IN THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR THE JAZZ. ON TO ANOTHER NBA TITLE IN SALT LAKE CITY.|||I don't have any yet.

I'm a Cleveland fan.

I hope to have many soon though...Go Cavs! ;)|||derek fisher hitting a jumper (or rather just chunking a shot at the goal). from like, 18ft with 0.4 secs left in the game. wow.|||Larry Johnson hitting a 4 point play in the closing seconds in the ECF propelling and motivating the Knicks to beat the Pacers and become the only 8th seeded team to reach the NBA Finals, which is still an accomplishment that still stands.|||On May 7, 1995, Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Knicks, leading the Pacers to a stunning 107-105 victory.|||mine was when Kobe and Pau and Lamar held the championship trophy after beating the Celtics in the NBA Finals in June of 2009!

good times! good times!|||I'm a recent fan by most terms, but my favorite was the Timberwolves going to the Western conference finals in 2004.|||Besides the four championships, the one I remember the most was Sean Elliot's clutch 3 ball!

After that shot, the Spurs sunk the Blazers and went on to win their first ever title.

Look at the shot, Sean's heals hovering over the out line, look at the Blazers's faces, the crown (over 34,000) in the Alamodome. Memorial Day! It was awesome!�?/a>

The 55 second of the video!|||Being a heat fan,I would have to say when the heat won the 2006 nba finals and wade launched a the ball into the air.|||Derek Fisher .4 Second fling to beat the supers or Robert Horry game winning three against Sacramento|||Dennis Rodman giving Scottie Pippen "headaches"|||I agree with you, I was a big Bulls fan growing up too. I also remember that championship game when MJ played with the flu.

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