Sunday, January 8, 2012

What should I do in my basketball video?

I'm planning to make a new basketball video. What should I do? Shoot three-pointers, layups, etc?|||a slam-dunk that would look so cool|||Make some lay-ups, 3-pointers, jump-shots, and try to do some incredible layups.|||a cartwheel 360 off the backboard dunk.... i do those with ease|||It all depends on your ability and your height. If your not so tall, like me, bring the hoop down. You should do some cool dunks. Do ally-oops to yourself followed by 360 jams, or under the legs. Also, you should shoot up some awesome fade-aways and some cool reverse lay-ups.

- hope this helped you come up with some more ideas for your video.

p.s. don't forget to put it on Youtube. :)|||maybe a 1080 degree dunk! that will be cool,and you'll be the first to do that,im sure you'll get an invitation to participate in next year's nba slam dunk contest.if you cant do that,try it on a 5 foot rim. lol|||if you are auditioning for a team, show mid range jumpers and 3 pointers, do a few lay ups, most coaches dont like players who are too show boaty... so crazy lay ups are bad unless you can make them in a game

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