Sunday, January 8, 2012

How many times should I play basketball a week?

It's summer now, all I want to focus on is basketball, how many times should I train a week and how long for?|||5x weekly

40 minutes each session|||Depends. when i played high school ball, during summer time i would train almost everyday but the most important thing about training is that rmr no point of training if your not going to use the moves in a game.

you should work on your differently everyday for 3-4 hours at least.

ex. mon-shooting. tue- dribbling/passing. wed- defense. thur- coordination/ balance. fri- conditioning.

sat- crossovers. sun- something thats your weakest point|||as long as you feel like it. like anything else, listen to your body. I've played up to 8 hrs in one day before, so you can play for a long time if you get in shape.|||yea about 40 to 60 minutes everyday or 6 days

i cant play for a month because i fuked up my leg and i have a cast|||5 1/2|||OVER 9,000!!!!!!!!!

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