Sunday, January 8, 2012

What is a bracketbuster game in basketball?

I purchased basketball tickets for my husband for valentine's day but the game is called a bracketbuster. What does that mean?|||BracketBuster games are set up by ESPN between teams in different "mid-major" conferences. Basically, it is ESPN trying to get some exposure to some of the smaller colleges just before NCAA tournament time. However, only a few of the teams playing in a BracketBuster game are truly in contention for a spot in the tournament. They are non-conference games played at a time where most conferences are only playing in-conference games. It is generally one of the most exciting games of the year for smaller schools, especially those in contention for the NCAA tournament. Also, some of the games are televised on ESPN.|||A brackbuster is a low ranked team beating a high ranked team in the NCAA tournament. In office pools people fill out brackets usually with the higher ranked teams winning almost every game. If somebody has a high ranked team moving on pretty far in the tournament and they lose early in the tourney to the low ranked team that person's bracket has been "busted", hence bracketbuster.|||I wonder which game.

Three or four years ago a series of what they call "mid-major" or second tier college conferences decided they would play games against other "mid-major" conference teams. Part of this was for ESPN, but mostly it's an attempt to impress the NCAA tournament committee to consider these teams for at-large bids in case they can't win their conference tournaments.

The game should be very exciting so good call on that part.|||a bracketbuster game in basketball is a game that is critical for both teams. a lose will break someone's bracket which means a chance of going to the big dance(NCAA Tournament) a win and u r still in the bracket until u lose.|||its a game consisting of mid majors team tryin to make the NCAA Tournament

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