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Can someone help me with my basketball ball handling?

I am a junior in high school and I just joined basketball this year. I am doing pretty well but my ball handling is bad. I'm left handed and do ok with that, but my right handed dribbling is a different story. I can dribble up and down the court pretty fast left handed, but it goes out of control when I sprint with my right. I can cross over just fine, but I am having major trouble with between the legs and behind the back. Can someone please suggest some tips or drills or something so I can improve?|||I'm only in 8th grade but I'm a pretty good guard. I used dribbling glasses (They are plastic glasses that make it so you can't look at the ball this increases your speed and technique) I used them for 2 weeks and since then I have never looked down at the ball + I am alot faster now and i can do just about anything with the ball. Also try doing the spider. Hope I helped|||Go slow first. You can increase speed once your technique is sound. Chris Paul practices dribbling up and down the court with two basketballs. At full speed. :) Watch the Pistol Pete movie. He went everywhere with a basketball. Maybe you can dribble while you surf. Also, if you have a spare ball, inflate a little more air into it so that it bounces more. If you're able to control that, you can control a normally-inflated ball.|||Just dribble a lot with your right hand. After practice every day, spend an hour doing drills in which you dribble mainly with your right hand. Practice a pull-up jump shot coming out of a right-handed dribble. And start doing random things right handed. Open doors with your right hand. Pick up your book bag with your right hand. Try eating right handed. The more you use it, the more coordinated you will get with it.

And as you improve, try dribbling without looking at the ball. See how many times you can jog up and down the court while dribbling without looking at the ball.

Practice makes perfect.|||Alot of bad ball handlers handle the ball with the palm of their hand (look to the NBA for 99% proof of that. In normal basketball an AI cross over or a D-Wade shake is carrying the basketball and a turnover). The trick is to use the pads of your fingers. You'll have more legitimate control of the ball. A good drill is to walk the outline of a bball court crouched low and dribling while not letting the ball get higher than your knee on the bounce. Then have a friend walk in front of you holding up fingers and making you read how may are being held up.

At each 90 degree angle (baseline to sideline, sideline to base) switch hands. That way you will have dribbled the perimeter equally with both hands. If you want more tips let me know. I have TONS of drills. I'll get you my email address if you want.

Biggest thing...keep practicing. No other way to get better.|||TIp 1: When you can, out side of basketball start doing the things you do with your left hand with your right hand instead. (eating, grabbing, using the remote,scissors ..or whatever) Even try to go some days using only your right hand and not your left.

I am right handed and this is how I learned to use my left. Also, I noticed that when I broke my right wrist I had to do everything with my left. After it was healed I learned that left hand layups and dribbling improved massively.

Tip 2: Practice all drills (dribbling, layups, etc.) with your right hand.


Tip 3: Use only your finger tips when you dribble.

Tip 4: Keep your hand on the top half of the ball at all times.

Tip 5: Take a basketball everywhere you can and dribble it. If you go to the store dribble a basketball there and back. etc) Another fun thing you can do while doing this is try not to dribble on any cracks in the ground or leaves etc.

Tip 6: Set up obstacles in your driveway (chairs, rocks, etc) and practice getting by them by both to the left with your left hand and to the right with your right hand. Also try spinning of them and crossing them over. Make some sort of obstacle coarse out of them.

Tip 7: Practice dribbling and drills by looking straight up or with your eyes closed.

Tip 8: When your dribbling and running fast push the ball ahead of you and dont dribble it by yourside. You'll have way more control over dribbling it at full speeds and on fast breaks. You'll figure out how far you should push it with every dribble depending on how fast your going and your own abilities.

All in all, the key is to get yourself used to using your other hand. Although you are left handed, part of the reason you can't use your right is because you never do in any aspect of your life unless you have to.

Here is a link to a ton of ball handling drills:

Good luck and remember if you want it for it.

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