Sunday, January 8, 2012

How do I get in shape for tryouts for basketball?

I am a freshman and I am trying to make JV. Ha i know most people who post questions like this aren't good at basketball but I am. I want a six pack to go into tryouts, i also want to be able to run nonstop. I really need to work on both of those things. I can work on the basketball stuff on my own. Any help would be great...Thanks!|||You might know these by another name but when I played we called them ground hogs,you stand at the base line and run to quarter court,then touch the ground run back to base,then run to half court,then back,then three quarter court,then back,then its full court and back make sure you touch the line where you run each time and make sure you change hands,you do this training you will be get you in shape,to add to this find some leg weights and do this training,also do some distance running,like One mile at first and as you get into better shape add more distance use the weights,jump rope to get coordination,do some strength training in the gym,bench and arm training.push ups and crunches ..make sure you breath in through your nose and out your mouth to improve your stamina .Good luck|||see also A Good Insight Into Basketball Uniforms|||do a lot of running. They will run you to death at try outs..Start now and do it as much as you can everyday!!!! Shoot foul shots too.....|||Do a lot of warm-up exercises like jogging, running and walking.. Schedule this in a day to day basis.|||Run and lift because even JV tryouts are hell. I remember.|||run im a jv to so just run and run thats what i did

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