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Why do championship rings matter in basketball but not baseball?

In basketball they say that rings are very important if you wanna be one of the greatest. To have the heart to go all the way and win it all is the ultimate goal. Why dont rings matter or enhance a players greatness in baseball?Why do championship rings matter in basketball but not baseball?
It's easier for a great player to win a ring in basketball than it is for a great player to win one in baseball. In basketball you only need help from the other 4 players on the court. So a superstar has a 20% or more chance of winning it for his team.

In baseball a position player has 7 other position players not to mention 3 starting pitchers and a closer so a superstar has about a 8% chance of winning it for his team. So baseball is more of a team sport while basketball is an individual sport. However in basketball if you have two stars on your team your chances are much greater. Jordan had Pippen, Drexler has Olajuwon, Kobe had Shaq, etc.

Also, in football I think to much emphasisi is put on the QB. Football is even more of a team sport than baseball but people think Terry Bradshaw is one of the all time great QB's because he won 4 titles but if he was on another team he probably wouldn't have any. Is Jim Plunkett (2 titles) better than Dan Marino (0 titles)?
I don't think that's necessarily true. You often hear baseball discussions revolve around "great" players who never won rings...guys like Tony Gwynn and Ken Griffey and Don Mattingly. In Mattingly's case I've heard a ton of bar-room arguments between fans about how he should, or should not, be considered alongside other Yankee greats because he never won a ring.

I don't know if you're old enough to remember when the Milwaukee Brewers were a good team in the '80s, but they had two of the game's great hitters on their roster: Paul Molitor and Robin Yount. These guys were not only good players, they were classy guys as well and as the Brewers faded into mediocrity people said what a shame it would be if these guys never won the World Series.

When Molitor eventually moved on and won a ring with Toronto, there were numerous discussions comparing Molitor's career to Yount's....and whether or not Molitor's was more "complete" because he left his long-time team to win a ring with another.

Finally, since David Stern took over as NBA Commissioner, Basketball has become more of a "Star Driven" sport than a "Team Driven" one....Think about it, back in the '80s it was all about Lakers/Celtics...Today it's all about "Kobe vs. LeBron." I think the stress on "Rings" in the NBA is a reaction to this hype and a reminder that the team concept, which stil exists as the norm in baseball, still matters.Why do championship rings matter in basketball but not baseball?
In basketball, if you're really good you typically can do most of the work to lead your team to a championship. That is not the case in baseball. You could be the best hitter of all time but you can only bat once every nine batters. Pitchers, as great as they can be, will only pitch once every 5 days. If you're down by 4 in the 7th inning in baseball you cant just be like 'give the ball to Albert Pujols and let him lead us to the win'. While, in basketball Kobe can carry his team to a victory.

So, in summary, winning championships in baseball relies on success from a lot more players than basketball does. In basketball you can carry a team all by yourself, offense and defense. Because of this basketball championships represent a basketball players dominance a lot more than a baseball player who's impact by them selves alone is not as great.
They do matter to the organization. But baseball is a weird mixture of team and individual game. Two of the best hitters to ever play the game, Tony Gwynn and Ted Williams, never won a ring. That doesn't take away from their individual greatness. Rings do enhance a player's legacy though.

If LeBron never wins a ring, does that make him less of a player? Would Robert Horry be considered better because of the rings he's won?Why do championship rings matter in basketball but not baseball?
That's not true, it's an Urban Legend. Many great NBA players never got a ring. They are team sports. Only Kobe sac swingers use championships as a gauge of greatness. Baseball fans are just smarter, in my opinion.
They do. Basketball just focuses more on that. The world series trophy itself is more of what gets the attention.

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