Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What are some good one man basketball drills?

What are some effective basketball drills that I can do by myself? Mostly any drills that works on quickness, footwork, and my shot.What are some good one man basketball drills?
Here are two of the best drills that you've never heard of; 1) practice shooting 100 shots, all off of the backboard. It doesnt matter how close or how far. THe important thing is to use atleast 5 different angles, including shooting a bank shot from straight away/ the free throw line. AN excellent drill that allows you to make shots from seemingly tough angles. Defenders dont defend against the backboard just the hoop. 2) start off shooting from the 3pt line and if you miss the shot dont allow the ball to bounce more than once before you run it down. When you do run it down, shoot it again...if you miss, run it down again. Repeat this until you make atleast 5 of 10 shots. Once you do that. Repeat it. Only the first shot needs to be from deep. The rest can be from anywhere beyond the free throw line. If you rebound a shot under the goal or a few feet away from the goal, its okay to shoot it right up. Repeat it again. THE 1st drill is purely a shooting drill. The last drill is for endurance, quickness and rebounding, however it also help you to be a more disciplined shooter. Trust me, after doing the 2nd drill a few times you'll concentrate and think about your selection and form, both.

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