Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to make friends on my basketball team?

I have a lot of people on my basketball team and I feel like some of them dislike me... how can I befriend all of them and have a good time with my teammates? Any tips? Any ideas as to why they might dislike me? I want to talk to them and have fun.|||just talk to them. just find the ones on ur team that are actually willing to listen and talk. just talk about basketball like whos ur favorite player/ team. trade rumors. ask them who would win out of VC %26amp; blake griffin in a dunnk contest. laugh at their jokes. say hi to them when u see them out of practice. be like "c ya at practice'' or somethin along those lines.|||crack some jokes. If that doesn't work, you might as well take Lebron's path and become the villain. To achieve this, you must act like a complete dick to your teamates and never pass them the ball.|||maybe you don't look like a basketball player....but the only thing you can do is show them that you are a sufficient or abundance level as a basketball player.....

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