Sunday, January 8, 2012

How do i prepare for my basketball season?

How do i prepare for my basketball practice that is starting soon?

Anything will help, we have tryouts the first week, anything from drills to nutritiion help will be apprciated.

Thanks|||practice makes perfect|||to be a great basketball player

you need to be flexible and quick

i recomend

jump roping, doing the dot drill, running sprints

and stretching

stretching not only decreases injury

it improves your vertical

and just get a ball in your hands as much

as possible

even sleep with it if you have too|||eat lots of healthy stuff and do everything the coach tells you to do|||the way i got ready for our basketball season is by running a mile a day (use a mp3 player or ipod when u run or shoot) and i shot for an 1-2 hours a day

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